The difference between Mixing and Mastering

Do not be mislead by advertising or people who use the term "Mixing and Mastering" as if they are 1 combined production process because they are not at all. Below you will find a brief description of both processes and what they consist of.  If you have any questions at all about any portion of the process feel free to drop an email in the box at the bottom of the page.

Mixing consists of taking a multi track recording and giving the music it's foundation with the adjustment of the individual tracks/instruments in relation to each other in order to result in a natural balanced sound that makes up a song.   Pretty simple right?

Mastering consists of working with all of the songs on an album project to bring about a natural transition from song to song. In addition the final editing takes place as far as noise reduction or removal if necessary, frequency editing if necessary done with any fitting Equalizer units, Compression if necessary and Volume maximizing also done with compressor units.   Mastering in a nutshell is simply putting the final polish on a properly mixed song or group of songs and preparing them for broadcast, streaming and any form of duplication/replication.   If it has not been mastered the world really should not hear it!!!