To send in your mixes or files you can email them directly to us or upload them to    Info at is the email address to send files or to make inquiries about either the multi track mixing or mastering processes.

Please be sure to include your Artist/Band Name, Song titles, Website links, and if you are sending files with an alternate email address please include the email address that is best to contact you.  Please provide as much detail about your mixes as you can along with what you expect once the song or songs are mastered. Please remember to leave some headroom and remove any limiters or bus compression from your mixes that exceed a 2:1 ratio.  If you are having trouble with your mixes clipping without the use of a compressor please group or link all of your channels/faders in your DAW and lower the volume of the entire mix until there is ample headroom.  If you need help with this please feel free to ask.  

For mixing projects please provide a reference mix and please properly label each track/stem.  ie. Kick, Snare, Room L&R, Bass, Lead guitar Lead vocals etc. Now accepting Reaper session files.

Please be sure to include your Artist/Band Name and Song titles

Be sure to communicate exactly what you would like to hear once your mix is complete to the smallest detail.

Please be sure to let us know if you will need to have your mixes mastered after the mixing takes place.


If you need to speak to the mastering engineer about your project please feel free to call and leave a message. The phone is no longer answered unless it is a number that is recognized due to the overwhelming amount of robo calls, scammers & sales calls. No I would not like a free vacation to your resort thank you.  Four 1 5 - Eight 30 - 4127  Text messages are also accepted.

Contact us with any questions you may have