The work completed by Sonik Soundworks Mastering is guaranteed to drastically improve the quality of your music or to be delivered with sound quality equal to any commercially released music/audio if the quality of the mix received allows such.
MP3 and low bit rate WMA files are only acceptable file types if it is a last resort.
In the event one of those file types are submitted commercial quality is not guaranteed but noticeable improvement is guaranteed. 
Commercial quality is not attainable with either of these file types!!!

Current Turnaround time for both our Mixing or Mastering service for 1-4 songs is 3-5 business days and full album projects take 5-14 business days.  You will be notified of longer turnaround times which often vary depending on work load. 

Samples of the work will be sent to you for approval upon completion with electronic audio tags so that the files cannot be used without receipt of payment. Upon completion of any project you may request an unlimited amount of adjustments prior to making any payment. After payment is made for a completed mastering project you may request up to 3 adjustments to any single master or mix or any master or mix within a complete album project up to a period of 60 days. If changes need to be made after a period of 60 days there will be a $25 service charge per song. Projects are kept on file for a period of 6 months and are removed from our archive thereafter. All Master CDs received will be replication ready high grade Gold Master archive CDs with a shelf life of 300 years.
Note: The Free Mastering Session for 1 song is only valid for 1 song per label, artist, or other entity.

We cannot and will not infringe on the rights of bands, artists, or any other entity utilizing our services and we will not claim ownership of any work submitted for any of our available services.  Songs that are mastered for the free promotion opportunity will be utilized for promotion purposes only which in turn helps the artists as links to their respective webpages are displayed with the song or songs.


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