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Welcome to Sonik Soundworks Mastering. To get started on the mastering for your project or our offer to master 1 of your songs free of charge just follow the easy steps below and it is highly recommended that you read ALL of the info provided on this website to get the best results for your masters. Please do not send in your mixes without providing your artist/band name, song titles, your name and your website links if any.

Click the link to get a complete understanding of the difference between Mixing & Mastering

Please note these production processes should not be combined. 


1. Simply upload your WAV or AIFF files to any of the sites below: 

Please make sure your mixes peak comfortably between -6db & -1db without the use of a compressor or limiter on your 2 bus. The closer you are to -6db the better your master will sound. 

Please do not convert MP3 files back into WAV or AIFF files, be sure to export or bounce them directly from your DAW!!!   Google Drive 

Wetransfer is highly recommend because you can send multiple files at once.

Just ask and we can help you through the process.

MP3s are not suitable for mastering.

2. After the upload takes place simply send us the links to your files supplied by one of the above sites along with any pertinent info about the files into one of the contact boxes at the bottom of any page on this site. Please send your Artist/band name, Song title, Website links, ie. Soundcloud, Soundclick, Reverbnation etc.
Please supply as much information about your mixes as possible and that includes any issues with noise or other issues within your mix that you would like addressed.  Tell us exactly what you want your master to sound like when it is complete. If you have a targeted destination for your masters such as Spotify, iTunes etc please be sure to specify that so those requirements can be met.  If you need help getting your music placed on distribution or streaming sites be sure to let us know and we can get you placement for no additional cost to 28 outlets upon completion of the mastering for your project.

The samples or completed masters will be returned in the same fashion & upon approval you will be sent download links with the completed masters or you may request a fully arranged Gold master CD for an additional $20.
Keep in mind there are NO DEPOSITS or UPFRONT COSTS & you pay nothing until you are completely satisfied!!!

If you have any thoughts about the process or any ideas you think would improve the service you are more than welcome to share with us. 
Note: The Free Mastering Session for 1 song is only valid for 1 song per label, artist, or other entity.   NO MP3s
Songs completed for the Free Mastering Session could possibly be used for promotional purposes in the form of work samples.
Please note that sessions are unattended. If you require attended sessions please be prepared to pay a rate of $80 per hour upfront with 4 hour minimum.

About us and more on the mastering process

The Difference between Mixing & Mastering

Multi Track Mixing Service

Our Guarantee
There are no refunds for services rendered as payments are not accepted until the customer is completely satisfied with the finished work.

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