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Get professional mastering for your music for only $45 per song or $450 for album projects containing up to 14 songs. Add $30 for each additional song on the project.
For mixes that are over 5 minutes in length add an additional $5 per minute of audio.

Separation Mastering is only $75 per song. -----  Expect to pay $150-$200 per song elsewhere!!!!
Send grouped files. ie Drums, Bass, Vocals, Lead instruments etc.

Now offering multi track mixing!!! Click here to visit our Mixing page for more info

Start off with a free sample so you can hear how much more mastering can give to your mixes.
In today's multi media and entertainment industries sound quality is #1 and without a doubt required to compete.
After mastering and post production your music/audio will be immediately ready for both replication and broadcast.

Note: The free sample only applies to mastering and not mixing.   NO MP3s

The work is GUARANTEED and we absolutely will not just make your music loud for the sake of loud by running it through cheap compressor presets leaving you with an overdriven loud mix. Mastering is so much more than just making a mix loud!! We put in the time to properly analyze your mixes and the correct techniques are applied to give your music the best possible sound quality suited for radio, television, or film.

Some clarification about Mastering:

1. Mixing and Mastering is NOT THE SAME PROCESS and should never be advertised as such, they are apples and oranges in comparison. A good mix opens up several options for a good master. You cannot have the 2nd without the 1st, bottom line with no routes around it.

2. If your mix sounds bad before mastering, the result after mastering will only be a bad mix that sounds better than it did before. These mixes more often than not, stand no chance of being compared to properly mixed and mastered audio. In a very rare 1 out of 20 cases thanks to advances in technology a bad mix may be saved depending on the characteristics of the mix. Click here to visit our Mixing page for more info

3. Proper professional mixes after mastering will sound more pristine and of equal sound quality to music that has been commercially released.

4. Louder does not mean better especially when the feel and character of your mix has to be compromised to achieve it.

5. MP3s should never be mastered under any circumstances!! The only acceptable circumstance is if you completely lost your session for the song and the mp3 is the only remaining source of that particular song. Trust this, skip doing business with anyone who says they will master an mp3.

FACT: Once a higher quality audio file is converted into an mp3, layers of the audio is stripped from the original quality and even upon conversion back into a WAV. or AIFF file the quality is still never as good.

The work you will receive is guaranteed and sent to you for approval prior to you making any payment and if you do not like the work there is no charge to you.

* Allow 5-10 business days for turnaround time on up to 14 songs depending on workload.

* Only a minimum of 16 bit WAV or AIFF files are accepted but 24 bit files are highly recommended to deliver the best quality results.

* In the case of submitting an MP3 there is no guarantee of a professional sounding master but noticeable improvement is indeed guaranteed.

* For the best results it is advised to send mixes that sit well below 0db and as close to -6db as possible for the best results. So try to aim for lower volumes instead of higher ones, you'll thank yourself for it.

* We highly recommend mixes that sit well below 0db and as close to -6db as possible for the absolute best results. If you plan on having your music mastered do not apply any limiters or compression to your mixes to make it sound loud. Please leave the loud alone, we'll take care of the loudness for you. Either that or make 2 mixes for each song, the first as loud as you want it to be compressed, limited and the whole 9 for all of your friends to hear, and for the 2nd one that is once again if you plan on having your music mastered is to have the second mix exactly the same as the loud one minus the compressors and limiters you've used on the overall mix. We will gladly help you prepare your mixes for mastering, just ask.

To submit your music for free samples or complete mastering projects please follow these easy instructions:
1. Simply upload your WAV or AIFF files only (No MP3s) to any of the sites below or you may email them:

   www.Wetransfer.com  Google Drive 
Email:  Info at SSWmastering.com

Note: The Free Mastering Session for 1 song is only valid for 1 song per label, artist, or other entity. Also we reserve the right to refuse a mix based on the quality & content of the mix.   NO MP3s  We are unable to work on any religious based material at this time. 


Contact us with any questions you may have