• Now offering multi track mixing for only $175 per song with up to 12 audio tracks.
  • Add $10 for each additional track
  • Complete album project mixing for up to 12 songs only $1900 
  • Add the discounted rate of $25 per song for Mastering.
  • For complete mixing and mastering of a 12 song project we offer a flat rate of only $2200

Send us your recording sessions as WAV or AIFF files and we'll take care of the mixing for you.
For the best results please send 24 bit WAV or AIFF files only - NO MP3s.  16 bit files are also accepted.
Please allow 3-5 days for turnaround time for up to 4 songs depending on workload not including mastering sessions.
For complete album projects of up to 12 songs please allow up to 14 business days not including mastering sessions.
Upon completion you will receive 2 versions of your mixes to choose from or work until the vision
you have for your music is brought to life.      

Follow these easy steps to send us your sessions

1. Simply upload your WAV or AIFF files to any of the FTP sites below:
    www.Wetransfer.com  Google Drive  


2. After the upload takes place simply send the links supplied from one of the sites for your files
in any of the boxes on the bottom of the pages.
Be sure to label either the files or the links with the song title and track#,
also be sure to label vocal tracks with names such as:
Lead vocals, Chorus/Hook Lead, BG vocals etc.
It may be more cost effective for you to consolidate things such as lead vocal tracks.
ie Verses all placed on 1 track.
The samples or completed work will be returned in the same fashion.
Upon approval you will be sent download links with the full length mixes or request a CD for an additional $10.
Keep in mind you pay nothing until you are completely satisfied!!!

3. Please provide as much information as possible as to assist in getting the ideal sound quality you desire.
Feel free to describe a song from your favorite artist or a comparative sound from anything
that can be heard on the market today.






Use the Soundcloud DropBox to send in your mixes. Send me
your sounds
Please follow the upload instructions and an invoice will be sent to you once you approve of the mixes.

Send mixing inquiries here