Frequetly asked questions

Why would I hire Sonik Soundworks Mastering?       

1. We begin work on your projects without any upfront payments or deposits from you.
In fact most mastering studios charge a 50% deposit before your music is even loaded into their rigs.
In most cases you will not hear what your final master sounds like until after you've paid for it.
Even after you've made the payment you will be charged for any changes that need to be made to your masters.
We work on your master until you are completely satisfied and the vision you have for your music/audio is reached.
Even after you've paid for your masters we stick by your side for an additional 60 days to make any changes or
adjustments you may need with no additional cost to you.

2. Our work is 110% Guaranteed to be of the highest professional quality &
the completed masters without a doubt will stand up to any commercially released recording.

3. The rates for services are extremely affordable catering to independent artists and musicians on tight budgets.
The quality definitely exceeds the prices charged.

The 1st song is always mastered free of charge so you will hear immediately what your own music sounds like once it's been mastered without any obligation.
After you've received the master you can do comparisons with similar music in your genre to see if our services meet your needs,
if not you've lost nothing and can find a more suitable mastering facility for your project.
There are no strings attached, catches, or gimmicks with this offer and if interested simply follow the instructions to send us your song right here.

Here is what you can expect as a client working with Sonik Soundworks Mastering
1. A very easy, complication free process of sending your music/audio through the mastering/post production stage.
2. Assistance in preparing your music/audio for mastering/post production to obtain the best results.
3. Customer service you can depend on.
4. Electronically tagged versions of the completed masters sent for your approval before any payment is expected.
5. We provide 2 versions of your master to choose from and bands/artists are welcome to all versions plus any revisions.
6. Choice in delivery of the finished masters via digital download or delivery on a replication ready CD.
7. Setup for free digital distribution on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3 and radio play on Spotify.
Please read all of the available information here on our site and please feel free to email us any questions that cannot be answered on the site via 1 of the contact boxes towards the bottom of any page on the site.
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Refund policy. Revised 10/2/2018
There are no refunds for services rendered as payment is only expected if and when the customer is completely satisfied.
We stick by your side for an additional 60 days to make any changes or
adjustments you may need with no additional cost to you even if you want to change something within your mix, resend it and the master will be updated for you.

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